Over the weekend I worked as the lead make-up artist on a photoshoot for fashion stylist Evie Harbury.

The theme was 60's inspired and portrayed women in careers that are stereotypical to men whilst still looking glamorous and empowering to women. The aim of the campaign is to promote gender equality through recreating the subject of equal pay through photography for women with typical male careers.

I really enjoyed being a part of the shoot. Evie approached me with a mood board of inspiration images of how she wanted the hair and makeup to be like. I then practiced a few different ideas and did a full hair practice on a friend a week before the shoot to make sure I could complete the look Evie and I were keen to achieve. I enjoy making beehives as I find I can get really creative with them. I also found the 60’s theme very fascinating and engaging.

Here is one of me doing hair and makeup touch ups on set:


Let me know in the comments what you think of this shoot.