It's Christmas party time! I've put together some dreamy Christmas cocktail recipes to give you the ultimate festive spirit (see what I did there). So if you're throwing a party or j chillin with the fam, then keep reading because it's about to get really Christmassy up in here, up in here! 

I'm a lover of Gin, so I had to include this Christmas Cranberry Gin cocktail into the mix. Start off by adding a measure of Tanqueray, half a measure of Triple-Sec or Cointreau to your glass. Fill the glass with with large chunks of ice, sprigs of thyme, slices of orange and then top it up with soda water, or sprite for a sweeter taste. Decorate your drinks with a stem of thyme, some frozen cranberries, and slide in some candy cane straws and you're off to a winner. This cocktail will look party perfect and aesthetically festive for your pre-dinner party.

This next cocktail is for the mojito lovers out there that want more of a Christmas twist. This is a family fave that we have every year that we call the Rum Bash. Start by adding eight brown sugar cubes, two chopped limes and a few sprigs of mint leaves into a heavy glass jug. Pound all the ingredients together with the end of a rolling pin until mixed up. Be careful not to bash it too hard as one year my Mum did and the whole thing smashed right through! Add to the jug the pulp of four passion fruits, the seeds from one medium sized pomegranate, 180ml of Bacardi rum and stir together.

This quantity is for four people, so take out four tall glasses and start layering the ingredients amongst crushed ice and a few leaves of mint. Top them up with some soda water and sprinkle them with a few more pomegranate seeds on top. The pomegranates give the drink that lovely Christmas glow and the passion fruit gives it a sweet tangy taste. This cocktail is a definite 'go to' concoction, perfect for pre-drinking or if you're fancy, an aperitif! 

Once your face is sufficiently stuffed full of that glorious home cooking and before you throw yourself down onto the sofa, make one of these warming cocktails to set the mood for a night of Christmas TV. The first refreshing drink I've put together is a classic Moscow Mule.

This recipe is very simple and easy to do. Begin by squeezing the juice from half a lime into your glass. Then take a large twist of lime peel and carefully set it in the glass around large chunks of ice. Pour in a half measure of Vodka, and top it up with Ginger beer. You can decorate it with a slice of raw ginger to add even more warmth.

The ginger beer in this creates heart warming vibes, and allows you to endure your Nana talking all the way through everything apart from the Queen's speech!

Or an alternative to the Mule, if you like your drink a bit more sweet with an essence of Christmas spice, then this Southern Comfort and warmed apple juice will surely soothe you all the way into boxing day. 

You can make this Southern Glow cocktail by adding 35ml of Southern Comfort into a heat proof glass and add a cinnamon stick. Carefully peel a lemon and add that to the glass. Top the drink with some warmed up apple juice. To serve, take a slice of orange that has been studded with three cloves and also pop that into the glass. This drink is super warm, zesty and full of Christmas flavours. Oranges and cloves are nostalgically festive to me, so this is a really ideal drink for this weekend.

Let me know in the comment section below if you'll be trying any of these recipes out. Tag me on Instagram if you re-create any, I'd love to see them. Also comment and tell me what your favourite Christmas cocktail is! Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Merry Christmas! X