This Halloween makeup is for anyone that wants to look cute tonight. And you wont have to worry about all that cheap black and white party shop makeup people tend to wear on Halloween smudging around your face. Because that ain't cute. You can keep this look sweet and simple or gore it up with some fake blood.

I parted my hair down the middle and messily put my hair into two buns. I started the makeup off by applying a full coverage of MAC Studio Fix Fluid in my shade all over my face and eyelids with a Real Techniques Expert face brush. I then shaded in my brows using the eyeshadow 'Buck' by Urban Decay, with a MAC 266 small angled brush.

I covered my eyelids and water line with a white Kiko pencil and extended the white out from the corners of my eyes. I then applied a white pigment by MAC called 'Vanilla'. I used a MAC 217 brush to apply 'Swiss Chocolate' above my crease and darkened the outer edge and inner edge area of my eyes with 'Embark'. I blended out the brown eyeshadows with a MAC 224 brush. Using the same white pencil, I drew dots under the inner and outer corners of my brow bone areas. I used 'Embark' under the white water lined area to create more definition to the eye. I then applied 'Typograph' a matte black eyeshadow by MAC closer to the crease of the eyes giving the makeup more depth.

I dipped a 219 MAC brush into the darkest shade in the Screen Face palette and painted my nose and cupids bow. I set the grease paint with 'Embark' so that the makeup wouldn't smudge. I then applied the liquid lipstick 'Bow n' Arrow' by Kat Von D to my top lip. This lipstick is great to use for this look as it drys matte, wont imprint on your bottom lip and will stay on all night. I then contoured my cheeks and forehead with the MAC blushers 'Harmony', 'Love Joy' and applied 'Margin' to the apples of my cheeks. I used some white grease paints to apply the white dots to the rest of my face with my finger. To finish the look off, I curled my eyelashes and coated them in MAC 'Instacurl lash' mascara and applied some 'Volume 100' false eyelashes by Eylure.

I topped off the buns by inserted a gold head band from Claire's Accessories to glam up the look and give it some woodland magic.

I hope this Halloween makeup look inspired you! Leave a comment below what you thought of this makeup. Shop the products below by clicking through the images for more detail. Tell me what you're going as for Halloween and if you tried out this makeup. If you created this look, I'd love to see yours. Instagram or Tweet me your image!