This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

I love this time of year almost as much as I love Christmas. All the anticipation and preparation is the best part. You're never too old to throw a Halloween party and dress up. It's also an excuse to stock up on sweets before your December hibernation. Think of it as the warm up. I've gone out and bought some witchy decorations, and borrowed some from my big sister's collection who was a witch in her previous life. 

I bought the grey skull and gold time hour glass from Zara Home. Hour glasses always remind me of the huge one the Wicked Witch has in the Wizard of Oz. There are a few different types of hour glasses in Zara Home with different coloured sand and designs. I love the geometric ones. I found the little spooky candles from Lidl, which actually has some great spooky treats in stock at the moment. I always know when autumn is setting in here in Portugal as the air smells of roasted chestnuts. A man on every street corner can be found selling brown bags of roasting hot chestnuts which is why I had to feature them. I will roast these ones soon. If you do fancy popping them in the oven, remember to score them with a knife first!

After decorating my balcony, I sat out and had a #BasicB pumpkin spiced latte. This also seemed like a good opportunity to show off my crystals. These rings are from H&M and came as a set.

These pomegranates are so ripe that the juice is blood red. Perfect for this spooky halloween vibe. They are so good as a snack and are the perfect edition to a vodka based cocktail. I bought this white raw crystal necklace form H&M to compliment the rings and to dress up the comfy oversized emerald jumper also from from H&M.

Charlie, one of the stray cats that we feed, decided she wanted her photo taken as well. She has basically adopted me and she's so special I can't complain. Her pink nose is just the cutest and she demands cuddles and attention all the time. She knows it's nearly time to put some logs in the fire and cosy up for winter. 

SWEETS. Of course your halloween set up isn't complete without a few jars of halloween themed sweets. I filled this jar with halloween Rowntree's Randoms and some vampire fang jellies. We'll see how long this tiny jar lasts...


I hope you enjoyed this post and are looking forward to Halloween too. Let me know what you'll be decorating your house with this year and what you'll be getting up to in the comment section below.