Decorating your dinning table this Halloween? I've got just the table decor inspiration for you. All things you can easily get your hands on. Pumpkins are a number one must, everyone knows that.

Carving pumpkins is one of the highlights of Halloween, as you can show off to your friends your carving skill abilities that no one knew you had (not even you). Pop a little candle in them to ward off the demons and you're already half way there with your spooky Halloween vibes. 

There are a lot of innovative ways people create the gory decor on their tables. If you want to keep the mess minimal and your table decor classy, then get yourself some pomegranates. Make sure they're really ripe so that they add a blood red 'gory inspired' colour to your display. So classy *insert sassy emoji*.

Bring in a more classic witch aesthetic with glass bottles and jars sealed with corks. You can buy these from most home wear shops. Green glass looks great along side orange candles. I got these orange candles decorated with spiders from Lidl (any excuse to buy some new candles!). And they look really great on this dark grey table. Complete your table decor with some plastic bats and any other scary accessories you can find to bring the fun and playfulness into your display.

Warm up the look with some gold and copper utensils and plates. Skulls are a must, whether it's in the form of a candle, an ornament, vodka tumblr, glass, or a Halloween prop, they are always a strong gothic element to add to your display.

I hope this post inspired you this Halloween. Tell me in the comments bellow what you'll be decorating your table with, if you're throwing a party and if this post gave you some ideas and inspiration. I have collected some items that you can shop to get the Halloween look. Click through to find out more info on each item below.

Happy Halloween!