I associate bonfire night with long nights spent on muddy fields, scary pop up fair rides that feel unsafe and the bonfire being too intense to go anywhere near it. It would rain every year and your feet would be frozen cold and coated in so much mud that by the time the fireworks would come on, you'd just want to be at home tucked up in bed. The highlight for me would be getting some barbecued food and maybe even a toffee apple. Sound familiar?

So this year I decided to opt for comfort, warmth and a bit of fun in the way of a little get together at my sister's house with the fam.

Nikki's garden is a bit of a Pinterest dream. All we had to do was turn on the twinkly lights, lay out her Mexican Serape motorcycle blankets from Babe Cave London for ultimate fire side snuggling and set up the logs for the firepit. And the party had already begun.

I am borrowing this book as I'm tremendously excited about the film Fantastic beasts and where to find them coming out on this month. (Who else is? Let me know in the comment section!) I always think that this is the best time of year to be reading or re-watching the Harry Potter series. It gives me a sense of comfort and the winter months is when they all return to Hogwarts.

I'm wearing an oversized brown polo neck jumper from H&M which is so comfy and warm. It's giving off all the autumn feels. I've gone for a little brown smokey eye using brown eyeshadows from Urban Decay (Buck) and MAC cosmetics (Embark and Swiss Chocolate). I'm also wearing a pair of Natural 031 Eyelure lashes.

HOT CHOCOLATE. You can't beat a hot chocolate made with actual melted chocolate. To make these amazing drinks you will need to melt 200g of chocolate in a bowl and then stir into a heated pan of soya milk (or milk of your choice) and add 2 heaped spoons of coco powder and a pinch of salt. Top them off with some marshmallows and BAM. You've made yourself an amazing pudding drink that will put you in a chocolate coma.

It was getting cold as the night became dark and full of terrors so I popped on my teddy bear beanie. We filled the evening with wine, good chat and a few rounds of Head's Up. We killed the movie rounds, not so much on the accents.

This was my first time making s'mores. I love roasting marshmallows and I love the chocolate biscuits we were using, so put them together and it makes a tasty combination. My tip is to roast the marshmallows for as long as you possibly can so that they are a little bit burnt on the outside and at their optimum gooeyness inside, then they'll smoosh nicely in between the biscuits. P.s, make sure you watch carefully where your marshmallow goo oozes out, as you don't want to do what I did amongst the excitement and burn your finger in the process.

To finish off your night with a bit magic, get yourself some sparklers and dance around like a loon. (See instructional gif above on how to dance). Sparklers are a lot safer (and cheeper) than fireworks. You can hold them in your hand and say "You're a wizard Harry" and it feels pretty magical. If you've got a camera where you can change the shutter speed, you can attempt to write your own name and fail several times. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it! Leave a comment in the section bellow to let me know what you thought and what you got up to for bonfire night. I have also made a shop collection of similar items I wore, click through the items for more detail.