It's that time of year again when we reach into our wardrobes and bring out the coats and scarfs. Apart from a few thunderstorms recently, the weather here in Portugal has been really nice. I would say that although a lot of time we get clear skies, I still find it very crisp outside at the moment. So I decided to treat myself to a new coat.

I'm so happy with this marl grey midi coat from Zara as it is perfect for this type of weather. It is thin, lightweight and keeps me nice and warm. I particularly love the cut of the coat as it feels slimming and looks chic. It completes your outfit with a clean and prim finish. I am also really into the colour grey at the mo', as you can see from my winter comfy clothes and bedroom interior essentials.

Here I'm just exploring my local town on a hunt to find a roast chestnut stall.

This cute little cross-body handbag is also from Zara. Featuring small knots linking to a gold chain it has such lovely elements. I'm a little bit obsessed with the gold bee detail on the front. You might have seen me wear my gold bee necklace before in other posts, as it's one of my faves. Gold bee items instantly give me a sense of luxury as they remind me of accessories by designers Alex Monroe and Alexander McQueen. This bag is from the high street, so it's very affordable and still manages to exude class and elegance. It's the right size for your important items and is light for travel. 

The streets of Loulé are full of old character and each street is wonderfully unique. There are many old towns across the Algarve that encompass stunning architect intertwined with long-standing stone, timeworn cobbled floors and charmingly rustic wooden doors.


You could smell and see the smoke from the roasted chestnut stall all the way down the street. This is a nostalgic Portuguese winter aroma for me. And you can't beat the taste. 

I am wearing a sleek pair of black winter pointed tip boots that have a chunky square over lapping heel to them. I adore the shape of these boots and how they complete my outfit. They make a bit of noise as I walk so I feel pretty fancy in them. I couldn't find you guys the original pair from Clarks online that I bought, but I managed to find one pair that looked identical that are quite pricey and another pair from Asos that are more affordable.

I have also included some products from my makeup look to give you the same warm brown eye and lip and some elaborate nude nails. These Volume 100 Eylure lashes that I'm wearing, always save the day. Eylure are my 'go to' lash brand. I have added in a more natural/subtle set of theirs called Naturals 027 in my shop section for you to get the ultimate day time glam look.

Let me know in the comment section where you'll be wondering around this winter, if you liked this post, and if you'll be getting yourself any of these items. Stay warm y'all.