Are you ready for all of your mermaid bathroom dreams to come true? Because this Zara Home Red Berries fragrance collection is making me want to dye my hair red while I sing Under the Sea. 

First off, the packaging is just so stunning, and completely my kind of style. The copper and beautiful coral designs on the packaging give a fresh and modern aesthetic to the products. Zara Home describes the fragrance as, 'A fruity composition to awaken the senses with its juicy and sparkling top notes. A light note of jasmine unfolds at the heart of the fragrance, playing with the delicate nature of apricot and an exotic touch of star fruit. A vibrant and woody base surround the fragrance with a hint of vanilla.' It is so crisp and perfect for the kind of home fragrance I want in my house during the spring and summer months.

The Red Berries room defuser is to die for. I always find that Zara Home defusers keep the room they are in constantly smelling fresh because the fragrance lingers in the air for weeks on end. I'm really happy with this one as I keep it in my bathroom and the scent even comes through into my bedroom as well. The room defuser and the candle are both in octagon shaped containers that give a minimal and luxurious feel. The two wick candle is made from 100% vegetable wax and will burn for up to sixty five hours. Perfect for mood lighting in the tub.

The copper shell is actually sold as an ashtray, but it looked so stunningly perfect for my bathroom that I've been using it as a soap dish.  When I first saw the copper shell, it was one of those I have to have it or my life isn't complete moments. Silly I know, but it meant I was one step closer to achieving my magical mermaid bathroom dream. The Red Berries soap bar sits in the shell beautifully and also comes in an octagon shape, wrapped in lovely coral paper like it's family.

I hope this post has satisfied your eyes with Zara Home lushness and bed and bathroom goals. I loved shooting these products as they are all so stunning to photograph. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any products from the Red Berries collection and if you're going to nip to Zara Home to see (and sniff!) for yourself. You can shop the products below, and also see what other Fragrances Zara Home has to suit your home fragrance needs. Stay fresh.