Whether it's a night out, a date or a casual coffee catch up, I love wearing my Eylure lashes. One might say I have an obsession, but I'd like to think of it as a healthy relationship. As much as I appreciate our faces are beautiful without makeup, eyelashes really do up the game. And have always been my number one must have.

Everyone at some point has had a friend ask, "If you could only have one piece of makeup item in the world, what would it be?" My item would obviously be mascara. But what about my eyebrows... and what if my skin broke out, I'd needed my foundation... Who cares! Because IRL we have it all. Eyelashes are everything, so I'd choose them. They totally complete my look and make me feel like the baddest B in town.

I've had the pleasure of trying out a few of Eylure's new products. I've put together a look that goes with each set of these eyelashes. I have written honest reviews about each of the products. Make sure you tell me in the comment section which one was your favourite, and if you'll be getting any.


The Lengthening 115 lashes are a lightweight fluted lash that draws the attention to the centre of the eye.

These new lashes are a stunning length and are tremendously lightweight to wear. The thin band makes it easy to apply the lashes. They gave me length and volume which is everything I want from falsies. This set really does tick all the boxes.

This is a timeless look using a nude matte base with a classic thin flick to show off the lengthening aspect of the lashes and draw attention attention to the centre.


Fleur de Force is a beauty vlogger and has created a line of lashes with Eylure. I really liked the look of the length and texture of this set at first glance, but found two main problems with them. They were too small for my eyes and I didn’t like the heavy lash line that made them hard to apply. I was disappointed with them but they will work better with smaller eyes.

Here is a contemporary look created with purple tones, acting as a shadow liner to create a playful and floral finish.


A medium weight layered lash with delicate strands for a cool textured finish.

The Texture range has always been my absolute favourite. These 157 lashes are simply stunning. I love the cross over design, the thick volume at the base and the feathery tips. They create a glamorous aesthetic that would be great for any party look. The delicate shape of the lashes and the layered cross over really work well together to give a full yet natural shape.

I created a look with copper tones and added shine to compliment the bold textured lash.

//eylure, 3 DIMENSIONAL no 119

A layered lash with a patented offset band for length and volume.

Of course one set of lashes isn't enough! These lashes are great for adding more volume and a 3 dimensional pop so you can look amazing from every angle! I personally found the application tricky with the double layer. I can see why others will love it with practice to master the application.

This look has been created with matte nudes and caramels to give a simple setting for the double layered lashes.

//CHERYL lashes by eylure, GIRLS NIGHT

I have used Cheryl’s lash range for years. So I was so excited to try out this new product. These Girls Night lashes will give you length and extra volume on the outer sides. They are ideal for a more subtle look but can still compliment a heavier makeup style. Perfect for your girl’s night out.

I created this using nudes, pinks and a shimmer. Light in tone and a sweep of liner to give the lashes emphasis, showing off the thicker edges.

I hope you found this post useful and enjoyed the reviews. I would love to read what your favourite Eylure lashes are and how often you like to wear them. Nights out only or daily for extra sass? Leave your comment below!