As new Kiko fan, I've curated some Kiko Milano makeup products that will look good for a simple going out look. Kiko Milano products are really affordable and host a great range of beauty products and accessories to boot!

I've started off the makeup look with their 'Divine Tone moisturising face serum' in 'light to medium'. This product will prime your face with a slight tint allowing your skin tone to even out and appear more radiant. The bottle is heavy in weight as it is made from glass so it feels quite luxurious to hold, and contains 40ml of liquid. The product comes out through a pump.

As this is an evening look, I tend to go with more coverage than just a tinted moisturiser. So I applied their 'Skin tone foundation' in my shade 'Warm Rose 20'. The bottle is very light in weight as it is plastic and contains 30ml of product. There is a pump for a clean application which is great if you're applying it to the back of your hand. I think that this foundation has fairly light coverage over all compared to most foundations. You can build it up the coverage as you go but over all it's a light weight product. 

If you know me, then you'll know that I love to contour my cheekbones (maybe a bit too much). When you're out at night or in a club, your contour will save your face from looking flat. Master contouring and you'll always be photo and hopefully cringe less at those #aboutlastnight tags from friends! For this look, I tried out Kiko's 'Strobe & Sculpt' creamy contour palette in 'light to medium'. Extreme contour videos that you can easily find online will usually use foundations/ grease based products to contour and highlight your face with. These type of products will give your face full (thick) coverage which you then set on your face with a powder. Kiko's 'Strobe & Sculpt' is an easy to use palette which will give a good depth to your contour without going too thick when using different shades of foundations (if that's what you prefer). So I think it's a good balance and lands right between a subtle blush and a full face ala Kim K.

The darker shade is a warm brown that needs to be properly blended out and used lightly as you can build up the contour as you go. I used a brush to apply the product so that I could blend it out at the same time. The highlight shade is a champagne gold that adds a really nice shimmery glow to your skin. I would advice you to powder your face after using cream/grease based products as they can shift after a short period of time. This palette can be as extreme or as subtle as you like, it depends on how you apply it. Let me know in the comments section if you're a huge contour fan or want to see me do a full contour video.

Kiko have a beautiful range of eyeshadows. This one from the 'Bright Duo' range in '03' immediately caught my eye. The lower section of the eyeshadow is a matte purple grey and the upper section is a rose gold shimmer shade. I applied the matte shade to the outer corner and crease of my eyelids and under the eyes. I then applied the highlight to my brow bone areas, inner corners of the eyes and middle of the eyelids. Using just this eyeshadow on it's own will give you a subtle party glam look. You can always exaggerate the look by darkening the outer areas of your eyes with another eyeshadow of your choice as this eyeshadow can also look great as your eyeshadow base.

I then applied 'Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara' to the top and bottom of my eyelashes. I absolutely adore the geometric mascara packaging. I think that the unique structure of the tube is modern and sleek. I don't particularly like the actual mascara wand however, as it's bristles are bigger on the inner and outer parts of the wand and smaller in the middle. Therefore the wand gives you a clumpier application than I am used to.

I topped off the going out look with a set of falsies from Eylure (Volume 100). Which in my opinion are hard to beat! Kiko also have a range of eyelashes to choose from which I am looking forward to trying out and comparing to my favourite Eylure sets. I then applied a matte liquid lipstick 'Cream lip stain' from Sephora in '13'.

Let me know in the comment section below what you thought of this post and if you have tried any of these Kiko Milano products yet. Have you bought any Kiko products before, and what do you think of them?