I am really loving these MAC pigments I bought. I started the base of the eyeshadow with 'Virgin' by Urban Decay and then applied the pigment 'Vanilla' to the inner corner of the eyes.

I then applied the eyeshadow 'Cranberry' to the outer corner and centre of the eyelids. I carefully applied the pigment 'Blue Brown' to the centre and outer edge of the eyelids. I normally apply my foundation before the eyeshadow, but found that I had a lot of fall out when using the pigments, so my tip is to do your foundation after. I am wearing a pair of Eylure Volume lashes and a thin line of black liquid eyeliner on top.

Below are the pigments 'Blue Brown', 'Vanilla' and the eyeshadow 'Cranberry'. I am in love with these products! I'm getting some serious mermaid vibes from this look. These were my first MAC pigments that I have bought and I would say that they are really vibrant and compact. I will definitely be purchasing more MAC Pigments in the future. 


What do you guys think of this look? You can like and leave a comment below and tell me if there's any products or makeup looks you want to see me blog about next.