I've been so excited to go through this box of Charlotte Tilbury products. And to be able share with you my thoughts and my video tutorial using them. I've wanted to get my hands on Charlotte Tilbury makeup for ages, and the time has finally come. *Drum roll*

All the best things in life come in copper! I'm obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury packaging, as it's super stunning and compliments the quality of the products. The logo and text on all the products and packaging is printed in a lovely shiny copper, which sits against a deep burgundy background. It has a very classic finish and evokes an art deco aesthetic.

This stunning CT luxury palette has the most stunning shades to help you create beautiful green and turquoise eye looks. The shades in this palette are; 'Prime' a beautiful champagne highlight. 'Enhanced' a striking bright green rich in pigment. 'Pop' a very shimmery dark green with small black flakes and 'Smoke' a lovely matte and deep turquoise shade. These eyeshadows are really beautiful and are all different in texture and application. In my video tutorial I apply 'Enhanced' primarily to the centre of the lids, and blend the colour out. I then use 'Pop' on the outer corners of my eyes and contour the edges with 'Smoke'. I apply 'Prime' to the inner corners of my eyes and brow bone area to highlight and lift the brows.

Next we have the Eyes to mesmerise paint pot in 'Cleopatra'. This is the most out there shade CT has to offer in the Eyes to mesmerise range, as all the other shades are more neutral/natural tones. 'Cleopatra' is really rich in turquoise pigment with a creamy textured application. I assume the shade is named after Pharaoh Cleopatra and inspired by her trademark look of black and turquoise lower eye makeup. I use this as a base in my video tutorial as it makes a good primer when creating a green/blue eye look. A little goes a long way, so this product will last you. I am looking forward to using it as the hero of a look as well soon.

Next up, we've got three different eye pencils in the shades Rock 'n' Kohl (black), Amethyst Aphrodisiac (purple) and Smokey Emerald (green). The purple and green pencils are really rich in pigment and are very creamy in consistency which makes an easy application. There is also some subtle shimmer in them as well. One of the things I absolutely love about CT products is that it's so easy to find out what products suit your eye colour best as it's written on them. The green pencil is for hazel eyes as green shades allow brown tones to stand out. And the purple pencil is for green eyes. Leave a comment below and let me know what colour your eyes are and what you use to bring the colouring out, or I'll let you know. The Rock 'n' Kohl black pencil is matte and glides on the skin really nicely. I also got a pencil sharpener that has the right sizes for both pencils.

Last but not least, we have the Full fat lashes mascara and the mini magic brush kit. I'm so impressed with this mascara, I adore the wand and think the application is great. It's now going to be my go to mascara! The mini brush kit comes with four mini brushes in a stunning faux red and copper snake skin style clutch. They are the perfect size for travelling, and the brushes are really nice and soft. 

Here is the green eye look I created. Watch my video tutorial to find out how I did it while I also talk through each of the products used. You can shop the products below, and have a look at the other shades of palettes and pencils that will suit you. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this post and what makeup look or review you want to see me do next!