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Cara ScottComment

Kat Von D Beauty's makeup artistry as a brand are built on creativity and freedom of expression that can be found through the power of makeup. This Metal Matte palette is one of their biggest palettes that they have come out with and has a stunning selection of matte to shimmer shades ranging from cool to warm tones. 

All eyeshadows are highly pigmented and I love the formula. This palette is definitely one for the boys and girls who like to experiment with all colours, get creative and explore the amazing looks you can get out it. As blues, greens and purple shades aren't usually everyone's 'go to' makeup colours, I'm hoping the looks I've created will inspire you to think differently. I came up with four different makeup looks from the palette to show you how you can create some cool Kat Von D inspired makeup looks, as well as a video tutorial to talk you through. Enjoy!


For this first look, I wanted to create a really striking retro blue winged liner look. I started off by using the light brown matte shade called Sued and washed that over my lids with a fluffy blending brush. I then used the dark brown matte shade called Oak and concentrated it primarily on the outer corners of the eyes to add definition and blended it into the crease area. I then applied Feather to the inner corner of my eyes and went over with a blending brush to make sure everything was blended nicely. I then used a small angled brush and dipped into the dark blue shimmer shade called Nebula and began to create the winged liner. I started from the centre of the lid and made my way out to create the flick and then continued under the waterline of the eyes.

I created the lip look by applying Kat Von D Everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade Bow 'n' Arrow. I waited for it to dry matte before applying the brown shimmer shade called Synergy to the centre of my lips. This created a really nice bronzy lip look.


I then focused on the purple/pink shades from the palette to create this soft yet still KVD edgy daytime look. I began by blending over the whole lid and up to the brow bone area with the shade Fringe. I then went in with the purple lavender shimmer shade called Twinkle and applied this across the eyelids. I then wet a small angled brush and dipped into the matte dark purple shade called Ribbon and began to draw on the winged liner. I started on the inner corner of the lids and made my way out to the edge to create the flick. I then used a small fluffy brush and applied Fringe to the waterline of my eyes and blended it out. 

I created the lip look by brushing over my lips with the matte shade Fringe and then dabbed on Glitz to the centre of my lips to add a nice shimmer. I finished off the look with some natural looking lashes and mascara on my top and bottom. 


I wanted to create a darker more vampy makeup look so I went for a dramatic black and gold halo eye. I built up the outer and inner corners slowly with the shades Sued, Oak and Verve and blended them out carefully. I then applied Flash and Synergy to the centre of my lids. I created the black wing using Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper and topped the look off with some heavy exaggerated false lashes. 

For the lips I applied the everlasting liquid lipstick in Lolita and went in with the shade Synergy over the top. I really liked this look as it plays more toward the gothic side of the Kat Von D artistry.


As the palette has some stunning blue pigments in it, I though I'd go for it and create a really bold blue eye look. I started off by securing weak tape to the outer corners of my eyes to help create a sharp edge. I blended over the top with Velour and concentrated the darker shade of Nebula to the outer edge. I then went in with The black shade Jet and applied it to the outer edges to add more contrast and definition to the eyes. I then slowly peeled back the tape to reveal the shape outer edge. I highlighted the brow bone with tinsel and the inner corners of my eyes with Ignite.  

I added some exaggerated lashes and applied the Everlasting liquid lipstick in Noble. I dabbed Glitz onto the centre of the lips to add a bit of shimmer to them. This look felt very mermaid party vibes, and I loved it. I had a lot of fun creating it as it's not a look I'd normally go for. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching my four look tutorial on the palette. Hopefully I've inspired you to create some different looks that you wouldn't normally go for. Remember that makeup isn't permanent and that it's there to have fun with, express yourself and not to be taken seriously. Stay freaky 🖤