I have seen a few YouTuber's and Instagramer's raving about this highlighting product recently, and now I know why. It is so beautiful!

Mary-Lou is the lightest highlighter in the 'Manizer' collection (there is also Cindy-Lou and Betty-Lou that are more bronzed). Mary-Lou is a really bright and soft shimmery highlighter with gold tones to give your skin that warm summer glow.

When trying the product for the first time, I applied it to my cheek bones, brow bone, inner corner of the eyes and cupids bow. I stuck to a fairly nude/bronze makeup for this look. As you can see, the highlighter really lifts the face and defines the areas where I have applied. I will be posting more summer makeup looks with this amazing highlighter. I bought this for £17.50, which I think is great value. I definitely recommend it!

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