Today I tried out the colour 'BEAT DOWN' in the Urban Decay Vice4 palette. It is a super intense royal blue pigment and I got a little carried away with mixing it with '1985' which created more of a purple eye.

I then applied 'DEADBEAT' to the outer corners to add more depth and contour. I finished off the look by applying Heavy Metal 'ACDC' glitter eyeliner on the inner top and bottom sections of the eyes and applied my favourite Texture 177 lashes by Eylure.


Here is a close up of one of the eyes. There is only hints of blue towards the edge of the blend but 'BEATDOWN' definitely made the makeup more of a cooler purple tone. I loved creating this look as I don't tend to experiment with really dark and bold eye looks. 


Like and leave a comment below on what you thought of this look and what you want to see next.