Eyebrows have been a big deal ever since Cara Delavigne came onto the scene and blew us all away with her insanely thick brows. Since then, on going trends such as the ‘Instagram brow’ have been filling our social media feeds with infatuating and smooth application videos. We have become generation 'brows on fleek'.

Our eyebrows frame our face and when altered, can really change the way we look. We look very strange with out them as a fuller brow is associated with youth and good health. Everyone does their eyebrows differently and in the way they think looks best for their face shape. No one has an identical set, they're twins but independent. So embrace their quirks, as trying to match them perfectly to each other can look a bit mental. A pro tip when enhancing your brows with makeup.

I received five eyebrow products from Eylure that I have been so thrilled to try out and show you. I rave so much about their eyelashes because I’m so impressed with them and have been using Eylure lashes for years. So to receive their brow products to review was really exciting.

For the past three years, I’ve been using eyeshadow and an angled brush to shape and fill my brows. I’ve felt that I’ve needed to step up my brow regime for some time now and haven’t known which eyebrow products to test out first. I love the full brow look so I’m all about making mine more defined and fuller looking. You want the brow product to stay on through all the sweat and drama, but what products do you go for? Do you go for a pencil? A pomade? Or maybe you want even more of a subtler look and go for a brow amplifier. Well don’t worry, because Eylure has got you sorted. I’ve tested each product as a first impression and will be giving you the run down of what each of them do and what you can expect from them in order to create the best look.


First up we’ve got the Brow Designer. This product really intrigued me, as I haven’t seen anything like it before. It is an instant tint for your brows, that you can apply daily without the struggle of having to tint your brows the old way and watch them fade until your next appointment. The applicator has been cleverly designed so that as you apply the product to your brow hairs, it doesn’t transfer onto your skin. It is pretty magic!

So if you’re happy with the shape of your brows and/or want to add more colour definition to them, then this is the perfect tool to use. It will leave your brows with a lovely and really natural looking tint. I was really impressed with this product and would say it’s one of my faves from the selection. You can go a step further and use this as the starter prep if you like and use any of the other products I discuss next to add more definition and/or set your brows.


I’ve looked at a lot of different brand brow pomades and have never been confident enough to make a life changing decision and buy one (lol). However, I can confidently say that this Brow Pomade is well worth the choice. It comes in a cute little pot and looks like a smooth chocolate pudding. You can buy an angled brush that also comes with a spoolie brush (very useful for combing and blending) from Eylure to apply it. I dipped my angled brush into the pot and smeared off some of the product onto the back of my hand so that my application wasn’t too harsh. A little really goes a long way, so I know that this little pot will last me a very long time. You can easily achieve a full fleek brow with this by creating a heavy outer outline of the tail and fade out the inner part of the brow). It’s easy to go crazy heavy with a pomade product so remember to start off as light as possible and gradually build up your brows. You can use this product by itself and get a great outcome, but you can take it a step further by setting your brows in place with the Brow Amplifier, while also giving the hairs more definition.


I keep referring to this product as the brow mascara because that is essentially what it is! The Brow Amplifier comes in a cute little tube perfect for your handbag. The short wand is perfect as it gives you more control for a steadier application. It acts as a long lasting gel with an intense colour for your brow hairs. You can get a really natural look from this using it by itself. As a comparison, this product used by itself is slightly heavier than the Designer Brow tint and leaves the brows set firmly in place, as apposed to the tint that leaves the hairs soft. So it’s preference as to what you want and like your eyebrows to have and do. In my video review, I apply the tint first and then the amplifier so you can see the results they give together.


This two-in-one Brow Magician product has a precision crayon on one end and a tinted fixer gel on the other. You twist for the angled crayon tip to come out and the best part is not having to sharpen a pencil to get it. The formula of the crayon is really smooth and who doesn’t like a two-in-one situation? For this, you would use the crayon to shape to redefine your brows and then top them off with a brush of the tinted gel.

To compare the Magician gel to the singular amplifier, the obvious difference would be their spoolie brush shape and size. I think they both work perfectly well, but I personally prefer the shape of the duo Magician wand. Their wand lengths are similar, yet the singular amplifier has a longer lid handle.


Having highlight under your brows creates a lift and also brightens your eyes. I tend to use shimmery eyeshadows to highlight but this Brow Luminizer pencil is amazing. They have a creamier consistency that makes it easier to blend them in with a brush or your finger. Because of its' texture, it makes a really good primer for your eyeshadow. This is a must have!


There are three colours of brow products to choose from. There's Blonde, Mid Brown and Dark brown. Mid brown is a red brown colour, as you can see from the colour it tints my brows. This is really suited for me as I have ginger hair. I can't vouch for the Blonde and Dark brown shades as I don't have any products from their range to compare. Hopefully my swatches of the Mid Brown products act as a middle ground bench mark and will help you decide if it's the perfect colour, or if you need to go lighter or darker. 

My overall suggestion is to look at the images of what the products can do and watch my video for more information on them. Then decide what would work best for you. If you use a pencil normally then I would recommend trying the Brow Magician wand as you then get to try out the gel formula as well. If you love a heavier brow, get yourself the Brow Pomade and an angled brush. And if you want a really subtle natural look go for the Designer tint and/or the singular Brow Amplifier.


I have listed the products below, so click through to see more details on them or click the 'Shop all Eylure Brow range' to see the Blonde and Dark Brown shades. I hope you found this post useful, and that it has helped you make some life changing brow decisions! Leave a comment below if it did and tell me if you already have any of these, how you find them and what you normally like to use on your brows. Also feel free to ask me any questions about the products that you want to know. Keep those brows on fleek!