TREAT YO SELF. We all need a bit of extra TLC when it comes to our skin and we are all guilty of neglecting it. Face wipes just aren't a skincare routine, as much as we would love it to be that easy we should have our daily steps and our weekly. A proper pamper session for your skin is just as important for your self care as it is for your skincare. Full body, face exfoliation and a 10 minute face mask is the best way to relax and relieve stress mid week. I try to aim for one evening in the week where I can set aside some 'me time'.

This home spa sesh uses beautifully packaged inexpensive items from the H&M Bath and Body care and Conscious Collection. Start off your pamper party (where only you are invited) by filling your bathtub with warm water to your liking and add two drops of the Lavender and Cardamom Bath and Body Oil. I personally like the smell of lavender so I really liked this product when I used it. To set the calming ambience, I lit the Lavender and Cardamom Scented Candle. To my surprise, I wasn't as keen on the scent of the candle as much as the oil. I think it is slightly overpowering in a bathroom.

Cleanse your face and then add a table spoon of the limited edition 'Allantoin Bentonite Soothing Clay Mask' into a bowl and add a touch of warm water to the mix. You want the mixture to be fairly thick and not runny so only add a little bit of water at a time while you mix to get the perfect consistency. Mix with a clean brush and apply gently avoiding the eyes and lips. The mask is pink when applied and turns white. You can leave the mask on while you have your bath or if your bath is extra steamy then wash it off before but make sure you leave it on until it all drys white.

Natural clays like Bentonite soak up excess oil. Allantoin has natural soothing and anti-inflammatory properties so I am keen to see how my skin appears after a few weeks of use. As this is an honest review, I think for the price of the product; it's a decent clay mask. However, it doesn't specify what type of skin it is for. This was the only face mask from this collection so I'm guessing that it's suppose to cater for all skin types. It left my face feeling clean and it didn't smell particularly of anything other than your average clay mask smell. So over all, I'd say it's a reasonably good product with a nice texture and quick dry time.

Once you're settled into that steamy hot bath, you can wash your bod with the Lavender and Cardamom Bar Soap. The soap has the same aroma as the oil so everything comes together nicely. Exfoliating your body is essential in your weekly self care to do list. Getting rid of all your dead skin cells is a must. This week, I used the Charcoal Body Sponge from the collection. It has a very good absorbency and is charcoal-infused with cleansing and exfoliating properties. Suitable for all skin types. The result is a gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling smooth. So overall the results are exactly what you want from an exfoliator sponge.

Once you're out of the tub and dried off in the most fluffy towel you own, finish off the pamper sesh by moisturising your fresh face and body. And don't forget your lips! I chose the Vanilla lip balm from H&M's Conscious collection. The description says; 'Certified organic shea butter, jojoba oil, beeswax and castor oil'. It comes out of a metal tube like an ointment so I applied some to the back of my hand first and then applied it using my finger, onto my lips. It doesn't have a strong vanilla scent or taste particularly nice. This only reassures me that it's because the product is organic and contains beeswax that it hasn't got any extra crap in it just to make it taste good. I really do like this product and how it leaves my lips feeling extra moisturised. Due to it's application, I wouldn't recommend it for when you're out and about as it could get quite messy. I think it's a good friend to have in your bathroom cabinet or your bedside table.


Let me know in the comment section bellow if you've ever bought H&M beauty products and what you thought of them. Tell me if you'll be buying any of the products I've listed or if you enjoyed reading my experience of them. I will be doing regular skin care product reviews, so tell me if there are any that you want me to try out next?