Lime Crime's Instagram account raved so much about their Black Friday sale that I decided to choose eight of their shades from their online store. They are a certified Vegan and animal cruelty free company, which is another reason I was so intent on supporting their brand.

Who doesn't love a bit of unicorn magic? Firstly, the box they all came in was just as exciting as the products themselves. Is it okay to say that the neon unicorn with pink angel wings printed on the box revived the unicorn inside me and gave me life? Probs not, but it did. The liquid lipsticks were wrapped in pink tissue paper, making the experience of the gift from me to me really special. 

They have so many shades to choose from on their online shop. It took me the best of three quarters of an hour to finally put my order through to the check out because I wanted to make the right decisions. I went for the shades 'Lulu'; a light warm nude tone, 'Cashmere'; a light purple/grey nude tone, 'Buffy'; a darker warm nude, 'Rustic'; a classic light red shade, 'Wicked'; a dark red shade and 'Bleached', a peachy nude shade. All of them apply as a liquid and then dry to a matte finish.

It's difficult to trust a brand's swatch images online because of lighting and different skin tones. These are important factors to consider when judging what will look the best on your skin. Lime Crime take that into consideration and show a range of images their customers have taken of them wearing the product which I found really helpful when making my decision. I could see the difference in the shades of the swatches in different images which gave me a better understanding of how they would look on my skin. Below are images of the products tested on my lips:

Honest review alert: The only colour I thought would be different to what it looked like online was 'Wicked' as I thought it would be darker. The formula stains your lips pink, and I generally find it harder to apply darker liquid lipsticks than lighter ones as lighter ones don't appear harshly around your lips as much. You can also see that it appears patchy in comparison to the other lip tests. Having said that, I'm in love with all the other shades. I don't tend to wear red lipstick because I can never find a shade that suits me, but this 'Rustic' shade is to die for and I love the way it looks on me. What I like about the nudes is that I can wear them when I go out for a lunch or a dinner and know that my lips will still look fleeky as I eat. These products can get a bit crumbly, (dry matte products can do that, make sure to exfoliate your lips before applying) so I wouldn't say you could get away with wearing them the whole day without a touch up. They're extremely long wearing and having to only do one top up in a day, I'd say that is pretty good. 

These are also the perfect size to fit in your handbag or clutch. I personally think that tubes the size of let's say Jeffree Star's liquid lipsticks for instance are just too big. My Jeffree lipsticks have already dried out a bit, so these Lime Crime ones are the perfect size and aren't wasteful. 

The buzz right now is going crazy with metallic and holographic makeup. Lime Crime have been raving about their metallic liquid shades so I got myself 'Happi'; a rose pink and 'Blondie'; a light champagne shade. I do really like them. I think I'll be most likely wearing them at night, even though I went for lighter colours. I wore 'Happi' in my Christmas cocktail post. They're really shimmery, so they would look quite cool for party and festival looks because they're quite fun and slightly unusual (only because you don't see everyone running around with metallic lips... apart from on Instagram).

If you click on my swatch images, they will take you to the exact shade online. I'd love to read your opinions on my swatches. Which ones are your faves? Tell me if you'll be getting any, leave your comment below. I hope this post has been helpful so you can decide what shades work best for your skin tone and also perhaps introduce you to Lime Crime if you haven't heard of them before. I'd also love to see swatches of these products on your skin tone to see what they look like, so feel free to tag me in images on Instagram or Twitter. Have a good weekend!