SWEET. I've been so excited to finally try the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette! It's everything I thought it would be. Between this palette and Kylie Jenner's new peach palette, everyone's eyes have been going crazy for those peach tones. 

There are six matte shades and twelve shimmer shades within the palette. There's a selection of pinky peaches, corals, bronzes and pops of purple that will have you looking summer fresh all year round. Just like their chocolate palettes that smell like chocolate, this palette smells like sweet, sweet peaches. 

My Favourite shade from the palette would be 'Just Peachy'. It's a shimmery pink laced with gold highlights, giving your look the ultimate peachy glow. 'Luscios' and 'Bellini' are also beautiful shimmer shades that will give you a different peach glow. 'Lucious' is a wonderful champagne highlight while 'Bellini' will give you a darker pink and gold highlight in comparison with 'Just Peachy'. 

I also really like their brown matte shades 'Puree' and 'Summer Yum'. 'Puree' is a light yellow brown and 'Summer Yum' is more of a warm red brown. These shades are perfect for adding depth and contour to your eyes. I like to to use them in the outer corners and crease area. 'Peaches 'N Cream' a light beige and 'Georgia' a pale pink, are nice creamy transition shades to use as your base. 

What I love about this palette is that you can create so many different looks from it. Apart from the obvious stunning peach looks, you can also create darker and more grungy looks with the purples; 'Peach Pit', 'Delectable' and 'Talk Derby To Me'. 'Bless Her Heart' is a green shimmer shade that acts as the leave on the peach. You can create stunning green eye looks from it or it can be used to add pops of green to your makeup. There aren't any shades on the palette that I don't like or wont use. That is when you know a palette is really suited for you and you'll get the best use out of it.

I created two different looks with the palette. A soft peachy bronze look with a sharp outer edge, and a darker halo eye look using the purple tones from the palette. I have made video tutorials on how to create each look. Let me know in the comment section if you like them and if you will be creating them yourself. Remember to tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you re-create any of the looks, as I'd love to see them! 

I would love to hear your opinions on the palette. Have you tried it out, do you like the colours? Let me know if this post was useful to you, and if you have any looks or reviews you want to see me do next. Stay peachy!