I was inspired by the Max Max fury Road film and how empowering the character Furiosa is. I compared the imagery with Vivian Westwood's backstage makeup images and began to get inspired to plan and shoot an editorial inspired by those themes. The images below were the inspiration behind this project. For my first shoot, I decided to do a hair and makeup test on my chosen model and photograph it in a studio.

Photographer Kate Davis booked the studio and photographed the hair and makeup. I thought that the the crimp of the hair style I created softened the face too much and I would like the hair to reflect more of a punk era vibe. Styling the hair into a mohawk shape will stay in context with my research and should also create a bold and striking look.

I referred to my sketch book designs when applying the this makeup. I think that the makeup is successful and works well with the models eye shape and face. It is reflective of Mad Max due to the colour palate and application and placement of the black makeup. The artistically placed white makeup emulates Vivienne Westwood's creative style of beauty that is seen in her runways. 

I have edited these images on photoshop by taking away the saturation and heightening the levels of the images. This style of edit is how I will be editing the location images. The makeup isn't affected as it is black and white. Taking out the colour of the images will give all them uniform and an artistic aesthetic.

My final edit consists of seven final images shot by photographer Danielle Johnson on location. The styling and clothing choices for the shoot were selected to create a post-apocalyptic screen with earthy tones and a shout to punk. I think the styling works well together as a collective.

The female model I cast fortunately took direction really well and had a youthful and rebellious essence that shows in the photos. Her low brow gives her the wrathful expression I wanted to convey. She was confident and remained patient and professional at all times which made it possible to shoot the multiple looks and outfits we set out to in the time frame.

The black, white and khaki green colour palette takes inspiration from my Mad Max and Vivienne Westwood research. The makeup and hair styling takes its core inspiration from Westwood's raw attitude combined with the direction to create strong compositions with the models body, gestures, posture and expression. The choice to include weapons, the specific clothing styling and a scrap yard was to create a juxtaposition of the femininity and masculinity of the model’s character. I felt this was a consistent theme with the Mad Max characters as well as it being visually represented in many of the examples of fashion editorials shoots that I had researched.

Each design reflects the recklessness and evokes the backbone of a Mad Max character while the artistic application plays on inspiration from Vivienne Westwood's innovative runway beauty looks. I have achieved the makeup and hairstyles I wanted as well as the art direction. Having all the creative input into the project has been really enjoyable from choosing styling, finding locations and implementing the editing. All of these elements work effectively to form my over all artistic visual of a post-apocalyptic battleground dominated by an anarchy driven civilisation.


We shot the location shoots on two separate days. The first day we had limited time, so we shot one look at the scrap yard that went well and to plan. On the second day I started the hair and makeup at 8am. We were allowed to shoot in the scrap yard from 9.30am until 12pm. Danielle and I knew this wouldn't be enough time to shoot all the looks so we had planned to go to Hinsbury Head beach after to continue shooting.

I had suggested that shooting near cliffs or on a beach where it looks like wasteland would reflect the desert scenes from Mad Max. This was a great idea as we found ideal landscape that reflects my research and completed the style of the shoot how I had imagined it to look. The weather was dry and partly cloudy which gave us ideal lighting and dry clothes! Our day of shooting finished at around 5pm. The day ran smoothly and everyone worked efficiently and professionally. Danielle and I had brought food and drinks with us to keep the model and ourselves fed and hydrated throughout the day. We also brought blankets to the beach for the model to wear in between shots to keep her warm.