These are from the studio photo shoot of ULTRA ANARCHY. A collaborative project with fashion photographer Rebecca Elizabeth Tate.

I chose two images per makeup look. In this shoot, the clothing is punk in style while the makeup has been designed to reflect the a combination of Mad Max and Vivienne Westwood inspired looks.

For the first look, I applied a smokey brown eyeshadow on the model to create more depth and darken the eyes to become more in punk style. I applied black grease paint and powdered it in a horizontal line under her eyebrows. These black lines makes the the makeup look more modern and Mad Max tribal. I chose a dark plummy red colour for the lips and applied a thick gloss to make the makeup pop on camera. 

In the second look, I created a more dramatic eye look by applying black and white grease paints over and under the eyes in a horizontal motion. The contrast of the black and white stripes make the makeup really bold and effective. The eyes echo my Westwood and Mad Max research and colour palette. I applied a pale nude lipstick to her lips in order to draw less attention to the lips and more on the eyes, which again is still in context to my research. 

For the third look, I applied black grease paint in horizontal strokes over the eyelids. I went for a dark brown lipstick and gloss which looked good against the matte black eyes. For the fourth look, I covered the face with a black net which made the images look more punk and created an interesting feature to the face.

For the first makeup look from the male shoot, I kept the makeup very minimal. I applied red to the centre of his lips and blended it out softly so that it wasn't a harsh application. I very softly added some brown eyeshadows into the crease of his eyes to create more depth to them. I also blacked his left ear lobe to bring the Mad Max tribal look into the shoot. 

I applied the same black horizontal lines under his brows (as seen in the girl's shoot) for the second makeup look. And kept the left ear lobe black. I found it easier to create a straighter line on the male model than the female model as he had more surface area under his brows to work with.

For the next look, I removed the black from the ear lobe and drew around his lips with a black kohl pencil and added a darker red lipstick. This created a modern edgy punk style makeup which backs up to my research. The black liner works particularly well on this model as his lips are big and shaped well. 

For the last makeup, I applied black grease paint and powered it in horizontal lines over the eyes. The matte black eyeshadow compliments the soft gloss that has been applied to the lips. This look is heavily Mad Max influenced and I think looks really impactful. 

Both of these shoots were shot on separate days which allowed more time to thoroughly spend on each look per model. Both shoots were photographed and styled by Kate Davis. The shoots ran well and everybody worked efficiently together in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this shoot.