This summer I have been juicing non-stop. What better way to start the day with a nice refreshing healthy juice? Really lifts my mood and my skin is thanking me.

I gathered some of the vegetables and fruits I have been juicing over the summer to show you guys. These are really simple and easy recipes to follow.

Cucumbers are full of vitamins and are really refreshing. My favourite cucumber combo drink is when I juice it with pineapple (or apple), lime and mint. I have found that if you put the whole slice of lime and mint into the juicer first, when you juice the cumber and pineapple or apple the zest and mint flavour comes through really nicely. The cucumber skin makes the drink an appealing vibrant green.

Another easy juice recipe I love is apple, carrot and ginger. If you add a slice of raw ginger first into the juicer, it gives the drink a slight spice and interest whilst the carrots bulk the juice and the apples sweeten it. The carrots make the drink a vibrant orange colour. I love raw beetroot, so I added some slices to the apple, carrot and ginger juice. It stains the juice blood red and tastes absolutely delicious (and you can pretend you're a vampire). Depending on your taste, if your raw beetroot ratio is higher than the rest of your ingredients (particularly against the sweetness of the apples you've put in) you will find your juice will taste quite earthy.

I find it amazing how vivid the colours are from the juices. Below is an image of a cucumber, apple, lime and mint juice and a beetroot, apple, carrot and ginger juice.

Let me know in the comment section below if you tried any of the recipes or if you have any recipe suggestions you think I should try. Please give the blog post a like if you found it useful! Follow me on Instagram for more juice posts, I'm kinda obsessed.