CHRISTMAS. It's the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely adore Christmas. Bah humbug to all the haters that say it's a money making scheme because I love going out and buying Christmas decorations for my home and finding gifts to give my family and friends. Zara Home is lush all year round, but it gets even cosier and dreamier at Christmas time.

This year they have re-packaged our all time faves 'White Jasmine' and the more Christmassy fragrance 'Gingerbread' into a stunning festively decorated house design. 'White Jasmine' is featured in gold and 'Gingerbread' is featured in red. I got my hands on their "Gingerbread' candle and scented cards. The fragrance screams Christmas at me and brings with it a tasty nostalgic festive smell. 

The reflective red packaging gives a sense of luxury and novelty. The candle also comes with a built in singing chime that plays jingle bells. It was cute at first, but then it wouldn't switch off so we had to take the battery out. Note to anyone looking to buy it as a gift, don't open the lid or it might stay singing under someone's tree and drive them mental.

I'm really impressed with Zara home's Christmas decor this year as I've wanted to buy practically everything in there. Their cheaper Christmas tree decor that I've fallen in love with is made from paper. It has been folded into a concertina type of fold and wrapped around to create a beautifully structured ball. The reflective gold patterns printed on them look stunning, making it fit with a modern Christmas feel on your tree. What is more festive than a jingling classic red bell with cut out stars on it? They're so sweet and are the perfect decoration to give your home a classic Christmas buzz this season. 

Let me know in the comment section if you have any of these items or if you'll be buying them. What will you be decorating your home with this winter? Does the smell of Gingerbread give you all the Christmas vibes you need? I have put the items from this blog below where you can click through to them for more details. Or shop the whole range through the black button.