Zara Home is currently my favourite place to shop for household items. The smell of the shop as you go in is so inviting, it makes you want to jump into the made up bed and live in the shop forever.

Zara Home have their own range of fragrance products that are simple in design and colour and are unique in smell to meet everyone's desired home fragrance. I get mostly excited about their new range of fragrances as their packaging is always beautifully designed and carefully thought out. And since I'm always in their shop, anything new gives me all of the excitement. How sad does that sound? #IAintSorry. 

I decided to get my hands on the new Oriental Light range. Their description of the fragrance on their website describes it as, 'Smoked wood cloaks you in a mysterious veil of incense, citrus, patchouli and notes of amber, revealing the essence of Oriental wood'.

I particularly love the gold design on the products and packaging as it goes really nicely with the rest of the things in my bedroom. The shape and structure of the products are in trend, minimal, and have an overall classic aesthetic to them. They also have a beautiful range of decor from the Orientalism collection, and I also think that they would compliment their Hotel collection nicely next to all their gold items. 

Let me know in the comment section below what your favourite Zara Home fragrance is and if you liked this post. I want to a regular favourite fragrance feature, what do you think? (Just so I have a reason to keep going back).